Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Reality Climbers Compete Again, and Again, as Season Climbs On

Reality Climbers competed in two local competitions recently. One was held in Atlanta and one in Charlotte, North Caroline. Sixteen Reality Climbers attended the Atlanta event, and a dozen made the trip to Charlotte. Both local comps were stepping stones to the Regional, Divisional, and National competitions to be held in May, June and July.

Local comps are conducted using the “redpoint” format, which allows climbers 5 attempts to complete each route. The Regional, Divisional, and National competitive events utilize the “on-site” format, where each climber is allowed only one attempt per route, and is scored based on highest hold on the wall they successfully have control of during their climb.

In preparation for the upcoming Championship Climbing Season, Team Reality’s upper division climbers chose to challenge themselves and treat the two most recent local comps as if they were Championship events, only allowing themselves one try per route. Their results were very impressive and the team is not only looking forward to their next challenge, but ready for what it holds.

A suspense-filled climb-off between three climbers was the highlight of the Atlanta competition. Two of Reality’s climbers, MasAnne Fulmer and Victoria White (pictured), were part of a three-way tie which required the climb-off to be conducted. Holding everyone’s attention, both girls did a fabulous job representing Reality and securing top spots in the climb-off.

The highlight of the Charlotte competition was the outdoor location. The outdoor climb was held at the U.S. National Whitewater Center, an outdoor facility just west of Charlotte. In addition to the climbing competition, which attracted climbers from throughout the southeast, various Olympic kayakers were qualifying for the 2008 Olympic games. Reality Climbers performed very well, although the competition was cut short by inclement weather.

Climbers who have successfully competed in three local competitions look forward to and set their minds and prepare their bodies for the next step, Regional Competition, where the top 6 climbers in each age group category are invited to the Divisional Climbing Championship, which is in North Carolina in June. From the Regional Climbing Competition, top climbers are invited to the National Climbing Championship, which is held in Sunnyvale, California in July.
Reality Climbers climb and train at Reality Climbing, an indoor climbing facility on the border of Tyrone and Peachtree City.

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