Monday, September 29, 2008

Atlanta Falcons - Mike Smith Comments After Loss to Panthers

Falcons Head Coach Mike Smith:

"Games in this league don’t get easier week to week. They get tougher. I thought that we played a very good Carolina football team. That was a divisional game. I thought it was hard fought. I thought that both teams played a very physical football game. They were the better team today. My hat’s off to their football team and their coaching staff.

The things that went on out there as far as the Falcons are concerned, they are all things we can fix. They are fixable. We will address those things on Monday when we watch the tape, and we will get back on the field on Wednesday. I say this: it’s a process that this football team is going through. We finished the first quarter and we’re 2 – 2. We’ve got to feel good about that."
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